Monday, November 30, 2009


Hye dude, what's your name?
Zulraidi here with big smile
Nice to know you,hands shaking
Friendship begin

He walked emptiness
Only full of stresses
Thinking of her far away
No one to share with....
But, it was in January

The rain keep falling in November 2009
seems understand what is going on
My friends are leaving no more laughing
To continue for a journey of certainty

I stil remember Bird singing
i cannot forget Muhaimin sleeping
The Wonder Pet makes me Smiling
Sigh, i'm gonna miss all these things
sadness is a friends
happiness is an enemy
Memories are haunting
coz time is waiting

When i was week, they stand at right
When i was down, they gave the shoulder to cry on
Whn i am happay, they smile sincerely
When i am sad , they calm me down ..

Step moving, footprint remains
Memories collected cannot be erased
lies in heart -of- LEGASI
A truth of friendship
will last forever..
Coz it is SOUL of LEGASI
We never meant to say GOOD BYE...

Nurkilan :-

SuKa Lah Ek :)

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